Cardinal Vincent Nichols

You can be a faithful Catholic without taking Communion, says Nichols

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has argued that one can be a faithful Catholic without receiving Communion, saying the Eucharist is not the “sum total” of church life. “There’s a whole need to explore more what role the Eucharist plays, whether the Eucharist is, as this sense suggests, the sum total of Catholic life, and it isn’t,” […]


Guidance call for creationism lessons in Scottish schools

There should be a ban on teaching creationism as a science in schools, according to a group campaigning for the separation of church and state. The Scottish Secular Society called for clear guidance on how religious theories about the origins of life are taught. It highlighted concerns over two recent incidents in Scottish schools. The […]


Vicar swaps communion wine for grape juice ‘to avoid isolating alcoholics in his congregation’

A vicar has stopped serving wine during holy communion because of the growing number of alcoholics in his congregation. The Reverend Paul Filmer said he didn’t want the ‘four or five’ addicts who attend his church to feel isolated during his services. He took the unorthodox step for the first time last Sunday, using grape […]

Creationist teachers lose faith in Nessie

Creationist teachers lose faith in Nessie

Religious educators who taught pupils that the existence of the Loch Ness monster disproves Darwin’s theory of evolution have dropped the assertion from their new curriculum. New editions of Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) biology textbooks do not contain the controversial idea that Scotland’s most famous mythological beast may have been a real living creature. The […]

Dr Nagy Iskander

‘Scottish school has a seven-person chaplaincy team – including a crazy creationist’

Scotland has a Jam Club. But it has nothing to do with making sticky, sweet stuff that rots your gnashers, writes Barry Duke. Nor is there a musical connection. Oh no. This jam … groan … is Jesus and Me – a daft  concept dreamed up by Egyptian-born Christian fundie Dr Nagy Iskander, who has […]

Challenger bus

Free Presbyterians condemn ‘false evangelism’ of Perth-based evangelical Challenger Bus

The Free Presbyterian Church’s Outer Isles Presbytery has issued a statement condemning false evangelism, urging parents not to send their children to the Challenger Bus when it next visits the islands for evangelistic purposes. The Presbytery views the theology and worship of the Perth based charismatic organisation as “highly dangerous to the souls of the […]

Councillor Alan Gardiner

Calls for resignation of councillor who claims to ‘cure cancer through the power of the Holy Spirit’

Calls have been made for a councillor to resign after he claimed to have the same healing powers as Jesus. Alan Gardiner, who represents Peterhead North and Rattray, recently told an audience at a gospel hall in Glasgow that he could cure cancer through the power of the Holy spirit. The independent councillor’s speech was […]


'Catholic guilt' is a myth: Baptists and Pentecostals 'most concerned about sexual sins' and contraception'

Catholics don’t feel any guiltier about ‘sexual sins’ than members of other religions, according to a survey commissioned for the 2013 series of the Westminster Faith Debates. Baptists, Muslims and Pentecostals feel the most guilt about using pornography, contraception and engaging in premarital or extramarital sex, which suggests that the concept of ‘Catholic guilt’ is […]

Fife minister rejects same-sex marriage referendum call as 'desperate last throw of the dice'

A St Andrews Church of Scotland minister has said calls by the Roman Catholic Church for a referendum on same-sex marriage are a ”desperate last throw of the dice.” The Scottish Government is expected to announce if it will introduce legislation to legalise gay marriage this week. A consultation on the issue received more than […]

Dutch back Christian rival to 50 Shades of Grey

As 50 Shades of Grey hits record breaking figures again this week, many Christians have expressed strong feelings against the book. But now one Dutch publisher thinks it’s found an alternative from the Christian genre that’s just as edgy, writes Jo Pountney at This week 50 Shades of Grey took over from Dan Brown’s […]

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