Christian coffee shop becomes laughing stock as Kirk lashes out

The Kirk has condemned internet pranksters for turning a local church shop into a world-wide laughing stock thanks to its unfortunate name.

‘The Glory Hole’ in Kinghorn, Fife, is run by a group of elderly volunteers and has supported poorer members of the community for more than 32 years.

But parishioners and customers are enraged after bloggers around the world picked up on the much less savoury modern meaning of the term,  labelling the shop an “epic fail”.

Images of the church centre have appeared on forums and blogs, with “The Glory Hole” becoming the subject of thousands of rather non-Christian jokes by bloggers and tweeters.

The shop now has more than 6,630 search results on Google, with comments flooding in from Scotland to America.

The term is an old Scots expression for a cupboard under the stairs but now refers to a sexual practise.

Ironically, the modern meaning was coined just two years after the Kinghorn establishment was  named.

The term’s modern meaning made its debut in 1982 in the major film production Porky’s and later featured in the 1994 dark comedy film Serial Mom before coming into common usage in the 2000s.

Reverend Jim Read, of Kinghorn Parish Church of Scotland, said:  “I know what the shop means and what it has meant for the past thirty-two years.

“In Scottish vernacular it simply means a cupboard under the stairs where you put all your rubbish.

“It’s a place for young and old and a general meeting place for everyone in the community.

“It has raised a lot of money for charity over the years and I commend the work it has carried out since it was established.”

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