John Barrowman: I’d wed my man to shut up the bigots

“It’s my duty as an openly gay man who believes in humanity to speak out on this issue. Being allowed to get married is about being respected and loved by other human beings.

“Until now, I didn’t like the word marriage for gays because of the organisation it represented. The idea seemed to upset the Church and therefore my partner Scott Gill and I took the view that we’d call ours a civil partnership.

“But I’ve changed my mind and marriage is something we would consider.

“The reason? When somebody is telling you that you cannot do something, when somebody is spewing vile rhetoric and calling us a threat to heterosexuality, it’s time to take a stand. And we decided if that means getting married, then that’s fine.

“We want to have the choice to get married.

“Christianity to me is about loving every human being, getting on with your fellow man, being kind and generous, which Jesus was. I was created by Jesus and I’m not having any bigot telling me that God did not create me.

This is not a broad attack on the Church in Scotland, because there are a lot of good, loving church people in Scotland who don’t care if you’re gay or not. It’s Cardinal Keith O’Brien I have a problem with.”

• Full story at the Scottish Sun.