Sex, lies and points to make as protesters jeer Pope

A crowd of angry protesters directed jeers and boos at Pope Benedict as the papal convoy made its way up Lothian Road in Edinburgh today.

Around 100 protesters greeted the Popemobile, which appeared to visibly accelerate as it moved past the angry crowd.

The protesters – who were moved into a designated “protest pen” shortly before the Papal cavalcade made its way past – waved signs reading “Condoms save lives” and “Papal Bull” and loudly booed the convoy.

Shouts of “Real justice here and now” and “Stop protecting paedophile priests” were directed at His Holiness, who waved back at the crowd seemingly untroubled from the confines of the Popemobile.

As a protective cordon of roughly 20 police officers looked on, other protesters waved blown-up condoms and blew vuvuzelas as the Papal cavalcade made its way past Festival Square.

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